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2018-2019 Staff

Brandon Kennard


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Football and Basketball Interests or hobbies: Basketball and Football and Netflix Fun fact: "My name is Brandon"

Brookelyn Price


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Key Club and Weight lifting Interests or hobbies: Netflix and Reading Fun fact: "My eyes are blue and green" ...

Camdyn Shaffer


Grade: 9th Interests/Hobbies: Fortnite Fun Fact: "I like to fort"

Demarian Saucier


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Basketball Interests or hobbies: Watching TV Fun fact: I like money, shoes, and clothes ...

Jacory Jackson


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Football Interests or hobbies: Eating,Sleeping, basketball Fun fact: "I have a daughter" ...

Jeffery Bird


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Baseball Interests or hobbies: Weight lifting or Running Fun fact: "My birthday is sept. 18(so get me sum) and I love mac n cheese"...

Madison Seitzler


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Girls weight lifting Interests/Hobbies: Sketching, drawing, running, photography, soccer, and cooking Fun fact: "I have a rare combination of hair and eyes."...

Matt Brodeur


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Swim Fun Facts: "I do Youtube, ( https://youtube.com/mattiurbro ), I love photography and videography. I also do a lot a fun crazy stuff on my free time and skim board whenever there is a good ...

Michael Beck


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Cross Country, GSA, and Key Club Interests or hobbies: Singing, running, sleeping, and eating Fun Fact: "I know all of the presidents, in order and the years they served." ...

Robert Shaffer


Grade: 9th Interests/Hobbies: Playing Football, Video Games, and Basketball Fun Fact: "I have my Driver's Permit"...

Syerra Rigsby


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Volleyball Interests or hobbies: hanging out with friends Fun fact: "I love Netflix"

Victor Garcia


Grade: 9th Sports or Clubs: Soccer Interests or hobbies: Soccer Fun fact: "I am from Chicago and I am a fluent Spanish speaker" ...

Zion Eversole


Grade: 9th Interests/Hobbies: FBI and God Fun Fact: "I was 14 when I got my nose pierced"

Jaleigha Dunlap

Editor in chief

Grade: 10 Favorite Subject: English, AP Bio, and AP World History Sports Played: Tennis Active Clubs: Criminal justice club, literary crusaders, key club, GSA, and breakfast club. Hobbies/Interests: Psychology, philosophy,...

Maci Scarborough


Grade: 10 Sports Played: Volleyball Hobbies/ Interests: Volleyball and hanging out with friends.  

Macy Henderson


Grade: 10 Favorite Subject: English Active Clubs: Key club, literacy crusaders, and breakfast club Hobbies/Interests: Netflix, reading, kayaking, and tubing About Me: I enjoy reading and I live on a farm(basically)

Sierra Wachter


Grade: 10th Favorite subject: Math Sports played: Lacrosse and soccer Hobbies/interests: Hanging out with friends and Netflix  

Ashley Delezenne


Grade: 10 Favorite Subject: English Sports Played: Dance

Melodi Sukul


Grade: 9th Favorite Subject: English Sports Played: N/A About Me: "I like music"

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