I Wore the Ugliest Outfit for a Day

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I Wore the Ugliest Outfit for a Day

Emily Keown, Editor In Chief

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High school- scratch that- life is full of judgement. Everyone tries to impress others to get the opinion they want. Clothes can often cause people to form impressions and opinions . Clothes can define a person and I’ve definitely learned that from my experience. From clashing colors, to odd paterns, I wore the ugliest clothes for a day around my high school.

Now, the reactions I got were sending mixed signals. I’ve received more compliments today than I have any other day of my life. But here’s the thing: I’m not sure they were sincere. From the tones of their voices, they either knew it was a joke and played along or they thought I was serious and were concerned for me as if I was having a mental breakdown and needed help.

“Emily, I’m just going to leave it at this; as good as a friend I think we’ve become over the past year, with all of our classes together, you better never come to school wearing that again, it is so bad,” expressed Steve Lightbody.

Those who know me personally accepted it. They weren’t surprised by my actions but the reactions in the halls were more of what I was expecting. I’ve received glares, confused looks, laughter (even by teachers), and many other reactions.

As I was walking to my 5th period class, a freshman boy called out to his friends. After he got no response, he walked up to them, and one by one they turned to look me up and down with a face of judgement that I have never witnessed before.

Comments and questions were thrown at me all day: “What are you wearing?”, “What are you doing?”, and my personal favorite, “You’ve got guts.”

Coming from a school that wears uniforms, clothes are even more essential in forming an opinion. Occasionally, we have dress down days. On those days you notice people, including me, trying to wear the best outfits in their closet because they finally get to show people what they wear outside of school. So by changing it up and wearing not the best outfit, it threw people for a loop.

“I feel like because the school has a uniform, people perceive that as more drastic than people would in a public school,” explained Alyssa Slocumb.

I wore a long sleeve brown shirt with polka-dots. On top of that was this ‘lovely’ and extremely bright floral shirt. To tie the outfit together, I wore long plaid shorts that reached the knee.

As an idea of what my outfit looks like, picture this, “It kind of reminds me of the clowns that perform for cancer patients in the hospital,” stated Aaron Mentken.

All of these comments and looks lead to an interactive learning experience. Within a day, I learned so much about people and, honestly, how judgmental they can be. People really do believe that clothes form an opinion on one another and that your clothes can and will define you as a person.

“Appearances always give opinions whether it’s different, odd, strange, nice,” stated Mr. Dennis Nisbet. “I think that that’s human nature to see something and judge, or form an opinion.”

Cody Doby explained, “Because if you see somebody that like- not necessarily me but, if you see somebody walking around and they got like older clothes on, like digery clothes, you might think that they might not have as much money or something.”

Cody continued on with the fact that people choose their friends and who they talk to based on a person’s clothes because it lets you see the personality of them. So you can live completely different lives than others all because of what you choose to wear.

As much as I loved this experience, I also hated it. I got to see the truth behind people and I got to see how much a person truly judges another purley on what is on their body. But, while I was walking down the halls, I felt my self-confidence slowly start deteriorating. I started off the day excited to see how this would turn out but slowly, the excitement faded and I was tired of the laughing and looks.