Veterans in the school

Marissa Mahood, Sports and Reports Editor

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It’s easy to identify a veteran when they are wearing their uniform, but it’s harder to identify them in their everyday life. Many students don’t think about their teachers being veterans but many are.  

Jamie LaCourse teaches intro to entrepreneurship and intro to e-commerce at VHS. Mr. LaCourse went into  the United States Air Force after high school for 4 years.

“I needed the self discipline. I was too young to graduate from high school and think that I could be an adult and go to college right away.” said Mr.LaCourse.

“The air force taught me to I guess be a little more independent. I had nobody really to rely on when it came to being an adult,” said Mr. LaCourse, “I wouldn’t have changed anything, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life”

Another veteran at our school is Edward Ramos who teaches e-commerce. Mr. Ramos served in the United States Navy for 4 years.

In the navy, Ramos learned to appreciate what we have and why we have it.

“There are so many more things that are much more important than just living at home. I mean there’s a whole world out there, pretty dangerous things going on,” said Mr.Ramos, “We get to live a nice comfortable life because of other people who are doing those kinds of things to keep us safe”

Mr.Ramos believes that some aspects of being a veteran have influenced his teaching such as how he presents information.

“[I teach] by telling stories. People in the miltary love to tell stories and I do a lot of teaching through telling stories, it’s kind of my style.” stated Mr.Ramos.

Many people don’t think about teachers being veterans but maybe you should. Ask them about what it was like, why they joined, and what they learned. And most importantly, thank them for serving our country to help keep us safe.