Above the Clouds

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Above the Clouds

Emily Keown, Editor in Cheif

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Fasten your seat belts and prepare for take-off, as The Villages High School Marching Band perform their 2017 marching show: Above the Clouds. As the season comes near an end, the band has spent relentless hours practicing in order to bring their show all the way to finals on the 18th of November.

Above the Clouds portrays one’s experience through their flying journey. It starts hectic, as if you are late to your flight, creates a peaceful moment of flying through the sky, and also shows the not so fun part of the ride: turbulence.

“Anyone who watches it can know what the show is about, it’s not like you have to sit there and think about it that long,” expressed senior and percussion leader, Robert Gonzalez.

This marching show is an immersive experience and the band has many aspects that allow you to feel as if you are actually going through the journey. This includes the music and visuals, including the look of the band members.  

“We [percussion] got pilot hats because since we don’t move, it’s also as if we were in the captain’s cabin, or the control center,” stated Robert. “Like we were some place that doesn’t deal with the chaos everyone else feels.”

The show has four movements, or parts, and an outro.Turbulence is a favorite part for many spectators and band members. Within that movement, there is an emphasis on chaos and a feel of exhilaration.  

“My favorite part, I would say, is part four because it’s kind of like the part where we really get to act it out. Like act out what we’re doing and it’s really sharp movements for turbulence because it’s kind of all jumbled,” stated Ailey Smith, junior and a guard captain.

Because a marching show is intricate, it takes a lot of practice and motivation. Leaders play an important part in doing this for the band. From drum majors, to guard captains, and to section leaders, leadership is a must in order to get everything to run smoothly.

“We drive them to be better all the time and we basically motivate them to do the best they can,” stated senior, Billy Harwood, regarding the importance of being a drum major.

As the season comes to an end, the band has grown and become closer as a whole. With hopes of making finals, the band continues to work hard work together to perfect their show.

“We kind of had to take on a lot of the responsibilities ourselves and grow the band on ourselves and we did a really good job doing that,” said senior, Chinaecherem Nwaubani (Chi-Chi) “So I think the season, regardless of what happens at FMBC, was a pretty remarkable one that I really really love personally.”