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The Girls Weightlifting team get ready to lift at their first mock meet.

The Girls Weightlifting team get ready to lift at their first mock meet.

Mariah Grant

Mariah Grant

The Girls Weightlifting team get ready to lift at their first mock meet.

Girls Weightlifting


The Villages Charter School Girls Weightlifting season has started and is in full swing. The season officially begun on, Monday, October 16th.


Senior Amber Barnes is entering her fourth year of weightlifting, she has been doing the sport since her freshman year at the Villages. Amber enjoys the sport because it is fun, and keeps her in good physical shape.


Amber describes what weightlifting is, “It is a strengthening sport, like you clean, you do bench it’s pretty much it, you are just strengthening yourself in different ways.”


The sport of Weightlifting is different than that of many other sports, because of the way it is run. In weightlifting, you are divided up into classes, depending on your weight, determines what you will compete in and who you will compete against.

Amber says, “It is through weight classes, so you are not going against everybody, it’s like you and just a couple of girls.”


Beginning a new year of weightlifting means the team will be accepting new members, as well as returning teammates. Returning member, sophomore Chiara Rappa is excited for the new season to start.


Cat says, “Weightlifting first of all is a lot of fun and it’s more of your, it’s more of your own personal improvement that you are working on instead of working with other people.”


Cat likes that the sport is more personal rather than working with others because it allows for her personal self to improve more.


“Which I personally like because then you can interact with other peoples, and you can both work on how you can improve each other as well as yourself.”


Weightlifting which is more of an individual sport versus a team sport is appealing to both Amber Barnes, and Chiara Rappa because it allows for more self-improvement. Go and support your lady buffalo in this coming Weightlifting season.

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