Serve and Teach

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Serve and Teach

Madison Seitzler, Writer

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While the classroom can feel like a war zone at times, for weight training/lifestyle training teacher, Justin Taylor, it’s a breeze compared to the actual war zone he formerly worked in. Coach Taylor is a veteran who served in the military prior to starting at VHS last fall.

“Before I came here I was in the army for four years,” Taylor said, “it presented the best opportunity for me and I wanted to serve my country and wanted to be apart of something special.”

From working as a mechanic, to working security details, Coach Taylor worked a variety of jobs while deployed. While these duties are no longer a part of his daily life, people like Athletic Director Richard Pettus says he is grateful for Coach Taylor’s service to our country.

“You know that those guys have kinda been in situations and possibly battles to know that they were out there fighting for our country,” said Pettus.

With being a coach, VHS Athletic Director Bogart says he is also grateful for the path he went on, stating that it might have been the best decision for him to go to.

“After school, we knew he wanted to go that avenue and it was a good avenue for him to go to,” said Bogart.

Pettus said that Taylor has been a great fit for the VHS Athletics Department.

“Coach Taylor is a special guy and he served our country and now has dedicated his life to highschool teaching and coaching so we have a quality person in the job,” said Pettus.

Taylor is grateful for his time in the military and happy where this route in life has led him.

“I do miss it because I did have a really good experience and it was a lot of fun,” said Taylor, “but I am happy where I am at now.”

Taylor has now moved on from his past life and achievements,  and looks forward to what the future holds for him.